Mahoroba Great Buddha pudding main office store

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The Great Buddha of Todai-ji Temple that represents Nara Prefecture. The pudding with the motif of the great buddha is the “great buddish pudding”.

There are eight stores around Nara Station and Naramachi. The presence or absence of a parking lot and opening hours differ depending on the store, and some stores have limited items for the type of pudding.

First, before telling the details of each store, please look at the comparison chart so that you can see the difference at a glance.

Great Buddha pudding store comparison chart
Store name Pudding type Goods business hours
Head office All there ※1 Many 11:30~17:30
Kintetsu Nara usually Few 9:00~20:00
JR Nara usually Few 10:00~21:00
Saidaiji Few Few 9:30~21:30
Ezuya usually(Limited edition available) usually 11:00~19:00
Yumekaze Many(Limited edition available) Many 10:00~18:00(There is fluctuation)
Mi Nara Many Few 11:00~20:00
tomigaoka * * *

※1 There are all puddings other than limited products (there is no limited product.)
As a limited edition product, the Great Buddha Pudding Hojicha is limited to “Ezuya” and “Yumekaze”.
There are parking lots at the “Head office”, “Yumekaze”, “Mi Nara” and “JR Nara (Contract parking lot)”.

※ As it is information at the time of investigation, it may change.

Then we will tell the details of each store than the following.

Head office

The appearance that imagined pudding seems to have come to the theme park, and it is healed even if the heart sees as ukiuki.

There is a park and a mini-hut for children on site, and there is also a cafe in the store.

store information

Street address 1073, Narasakacho, Nara City
phone number 0742-23-7515
business hours 11:30~17:30(Last order17:00)
Holiday Fixed holiday
Parking Lot Available(free)


Since the main store is far from the station, it takes too much time to walk, so we can only go by car.

If you go by bus, please get off at “Takanohara Golf Center”. Immediately after getting off there is a main store. You can go from Kintetsu Nara Station or from JR Nara Station.

Kintetsu Nara Station

Place to ride:No.13
system:115(To Takanohara Station)
fare:230 yen
time:8 minutes

JR Nara Station

Place to ride:West exit No.15
system:115(To Takanohara Station)
fare:230 yen
time:15 minutes

You can check the time and so on.

※ We do not cope with English.

Kintetsu Nara Station Store

There is a store on the first basement floor of Kintetsu Nara Station, a corner of souvenir shops.

It is just to the right of the east exit of Kintetsu Nara Station. There is no need to enter with an admission ticket as it is outside the ticket gate.

store information

Street address East ticket gate side. Kintetsu Nara Station B1F. 29 Higashiku Nakamachi Nara City
business hours 9:00~20:00
Holiday 不定休
Parking Lot なし

JR Nara Station Momotaro store

It is located on the second floor of the commercial facility VIERA, which is integrated with JR Nara Station.

It is not sold at the Daibutsu pudding specialty store, but at a corner of Nara’s local sake specialty store “Momotaro”. The store number is “213”.

Please mark “Momo Taro” to buy the Great Buddha pudding.

Please be careful because the cash register of the sake and the cash register of the big pudding are different.

store information

Street address VIERA Nara 2F, 1-1, Sanjo Honcho, Nara City
phone number 0742-22-7700
business hours 10:00~21:00
Holiday No rest
Parking Lot Available(Times 24 VIERA Nara first and second parking lot)30 minutes discount on purchases over 2000 yen

Saidaiji store

It is located at Times Place Nishidaiji in Nishidaiji Station ticket gate.

I need an admission ticket

If you are not a station user, you need an admission ticket to purchase the Great Buddha pudding.

However, 150 yen (admission ticket fee) will be refunded when you purchase the product. However, regular admission ticket and admission ticket with refund ticket are different things, so please be careful not to make a mistake.

Purchase procedure of admission ticket (with service ticket)

(1)Click on “Admission ticket / Hand goods”

(2)Click “Admission ticket 150 time’s Place with service ticket”

How to use a service ticket

There will be 2 tickets, an admission ticket and a service ticket.

Passing a service ticket at the time of purchase at the store will refund 150 yen.

store information

Street address Times Place Saidaijiuchi, 1-1-1, Kunimicho, Saidaijiuchi, Nara City
business hours 9:30~21:30
Holiday Undefined
Parking Lot None

Naramachi Ezuya Store

It is located in Mochii Center town, and there are Wakasa curry and Tarikaro famous for curry.

The limited edition hojicha pudding can only be purchased at the “Naramachi Ezuya Store” and the “Todaiji Temple Monzen Yumekaze Hiroba Store”.

store information

Street address Inside the bactor shop “Ezuya Store”, Nara Mochiito Building 1F, 5,Narai-donomachi
phone number 0742-23-3131
business hours 11:00~19:00
Holiday Undefined
Parking Lot None

Todai-ji Temple Monzen Yumekaze Hiroba Store

Place is “Yumekaze Hiroba” of mall where dining room and souvenir shop line up. It is located in the middle of the building, along with the “Monzen Ichiba”.

There are chairs all around the building where you can rest.

Here too, you can purchase the limited edition Hojicha pudding.

T-shirts are hung instead of goodwill.

Inside the store in Monzen Ichibat

The number of types of Great Buddha pudding is second.

There are many items other than pudding. The number is second.

There was also a T-shirt on the cash register.

There are many souvenirs from the market in the store. Just looking at it is fun.

Please note that the cash register of the Great Buddha pudding and the Yumekaze Hiroba is different.

Entrance of the Yumekaze Hiroba

In case of walking

Guidance from the Great Buddha Hall. Go south on the approach road lined with souvenir shops. Turn right at the intersection of the “Daibutsu-den”. I will walk a little.

Guidance from Nara Station. Get off the station and walk east. It is in front of the intersection called “Daibutsu-den”.

In the case of a car(Be careful as you get lost at the entrance of the parking lot)

sushi that is wrapped in a persimmon leaf(Kakinoha Sushi) There is an entrance next to Izasa.

When you try to get in at the entrance of the car, the arrow points here and it feels like no entry but it’s OK.

However, cars coming out may have come to the front. In that case, I can not insert it immediately. Take the turn signal and wait. The induction staff will direct you.

When you get out on the road, don’t go past suddenly. Please stop in front of you. Follow the instructions of the induction staff.

Why is the doorway so narrow? Is it complicated to make? The answer is that in the past, it was only for the exit. The place that used to be the old entrance is now the place for people only.

We abolished the entrance only for this car and made it for people only. Along with that, I used a place that was exclusively for the exit, so the width was narrow and the car was crowded.

But now it is safer to make a person-only entrance than a car and a person cross.

store information

Street address Monzen Ichiba in, Todaiji Monzen Yumekaze Hiroba, 16, Kasuganocho, Nara City
phone number 0742-24-3309
business hours 10:00~18:00(It fluctuates with the season)
Holiday Undefined
Parking Lot Available(Toll)

Mi Nala Store

It is located on the ground floor of Mi Nara, which was built after the former Ito Yokado.

The appearance is the image of pudding like the main store and is fantastic.

The store location is in front of the food court on the first floor. The store number is “No. 1”.

store information

Street address 1-3-1, Nijo Oji Minami, Nara City
business hours 11:00~20:00(Soft cream is sold until 19 pm for maintenance on Tuesday)
Holiday No rest
Parking Lot Available(Toll)


For shuttle bus time, etc., please refer to the access page of Mi Nara’s official site.

※ We do not cope with English.

The nearest station is “Shin-Omiya Station”

A 12-minute walk from Kintetsu Shin-Omiya Station. 6 minutes by Nara Transportation Shuttle Bus.

Shuttle bus

There are shuttle buses from Kintetsu Nara Station, JR Nara Station and Shin-Omiya.

Tomigaoka store


store information

Street address Aeon Mall Nara Tomigagaoka, 3027, Shibatacho, Ikoma City
business hours 9:00~21:00
Parking Lot Available


There are eight stores in the northern part of Nara Prefecture, centered on Naramachi and Nara Station.

Depending on the store, the assortment of goods, the presence or absence of goods, and the presence or absence of limited items differ. The business hours are also different, so please check the information of the store you are going to go to.

※ As it is information at the time of investigation, it may change. If you find a problem, it will help if you contact us.